2017 RRR Campaign

What are we up to you ask? Well, let us tell you!

 R3 and the 2017 Championship run. 

R3 and the 2017 Championship run. 

Dear Friends and Family of Red River Rhythm,

As we look back on our first competitive year, or first year in existence, I can’t help but to celebrate the success we have seen. One of those successes is the amount of support we have received and we are SO proud to have people like you. We thank you and consider you all our HEROES! I also consider the volunteers, staff, our members (now alumni) and our donors the biggest heroes of them all. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

We wouldn’t have been able to operate or sustain a growing pattern if it wasn’t for you all. We had ups and downs this first year, more ups than downs, that we will learn from then move forward. 

Our mission will be to continue to educate and inspire young musicians; to provide them with the skills to succeed now and far into the future. We will not back away from this and will continue to fight for the advancement of music education through percussion performance.

Just recently, the Board of Directors and staff members joined together to start planning for the 2018 season. I can not tell you how excited I am for all of the changes and additions we are making. Red River Rhythm is an organization whose staff believes in providing life-changing experiences for all people around us and the new changes will do just that.

With this newsletter, I hope to start a campaign that will catch on quickly and work efficiently to help maintain the revenue needed to cut down on the expenses needed, and most important, keep membership fees down. 

Our heroes have helped us maintain a standard of excellence and we love that fact. Now, lets exceed expectations and blow the lid off of this next season with a great start and bright future. Last thing we want to have to pay for is the past and with an economy, we never know what can happen. Besides keeping membership fees down for our students/performers, we need to plan for some capital improvements. The performing percussion group currently is sponsored by Bossier Parish School Board and Parkway High School; allowing us to use their facilities and equipment. We do want to move away from this as it just adds more wear on their equipment. 

We are currently working on a couple of instrument endorsements in hopes to cut the cost down on new items. Without the endorsement, we are looking at about $120,000 to purchase everything we need to get away from using the school’s equipment. 

This is where all of the support becomes so imperative. This is just one of the three major fundraising campaigns that we are running this year, and we need your help. Your support will go toward the program that lots of individuals want to be a part of. You can make their dreams come true. 

You can visit our website at www.rrrpercussion.com/donate and make a tax-deductible donation today! And be it $10, $20 or even $250… every dollar helps. Check out the new “Rhythm Donors” option under the Support tab. You’ll find different levels of donation and the prizes that you get in return! You can also donate by mailing:

Red River Rhythm

2167 Airline Dr

Bossier City, LA 71111

Please help guarantee the growth of Red River Rhythm organization by making your tax-deductible donation today!